12 Awesome Bedside Table Lamps Ideas

The best bedside table lamps are ones that make you smile when you see them. Your bedside Table lamp is the very last thing you touch before bed, and its light is the last impression you get before you fall asleep. This means that, although it may be a small thing, your lamp is actually an important part of your personality.

With that in mind, what kind of lamp do you click off every night? Do you pull the cord on a vintage lamp with a flaxen shade? Do you touch the base of a modern lamp and cycle through a few brightness settings? Or do you flip the switch of a super stylish decorative lamp that you simply can’t live without?

The lamps in this list are suited for every kind of personality and bedroom. There are ambient lights, classic lights, task lights, and decorative lights. Go for a retro-style lamp that charges your phone, or take things from a super minimalist angle with an industrial Edison design. Remember to consider the size of your nightstand; vertical lamps take up less space and are better suited to small surfaces.

Awesome Bedside Table Lamps Ideas
Awesome Bedside Table Lamps Ideas

You should also think about the bulb in your lamp. Check the wattage before you buy replacements; the wrong lightbulb will cause flickering and short-circuits. Wattage aside, you actually have a wide variety of lighting choices. Warm bulbs are good for ambient light, while cool white bulbs are good for studying. The Edison style bulb is meant for display; the coil is visible but gentle on your eyes. You can also buy colored bulbs that will turn any lamp into a piece of modern art.

Remember to match the metal fixtures on your lamp with other metal elements in your room. If your bed frame is bronze, choose a lamp with bronze accents. These little details will help you make cohesive room design. Choose the lamp that makes you fall in love. It’s an important part of your daily life, and it’s also a great way to brighten up your bedroom decor.

Awesome Bedside Table Lamps Ideas to Light Up Your Sleeping

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