10 Wonderful Wooden House Design Ideas To Inspire You

Wooden House Design Ideas – Many people fall in love and dream of owning a wooden house. Apart from its classic value, he offers, wooden houses will look unique and special compared to other houses. Wooden houses also radiate warm family feelings and closeness to nature, which is the fulfillment of human’s natural instincts.

Going home will calm and refresh your energy that has been drained throughout the day. Not only using wood as the main material, including giving a touch of wood to the interior, such as floors, ceilings, furniture, and others.

The following is a collection of wooden houses or shades of wood that you must apply to your home.

Wonderful Wooden House Design
Wonderful Wooden House Design

1. Glass roof in a wooden house

This design shows the impression of luxury and clean. Additional glass doors and windows spoil the view of the beautiful garden owner and the blue sky. For those of you who like to enjoy the bright sky or enjoy nature by looking at the sky, this idea is perfect for you to try. Because the design that makes the house not lack of sunlight also gives a unique impression on your home.

Angophora House
Angophora House – Source: mycozyloft.blogspot.com
Glass Roofs For Homes
Glass Roofs For Homes – Source: pinterest.ru

2. The combination of wood with natural stone

On the walls of this room gives a cool feel in the kitchen of this wooden house. Suitable for viewing in tropical countries and tend to be hot. Making a combination with other materials will not violate the rules in making your wooden house. By combining wood elements with stone elements on the walls of your wooden house, you will find a great miracle inside your house. In addition to making it more sturdy, it can also create its own beauty in your home.

Healthy Stone Fireplace Designs
Healthy Stone Fireplace Designs – Source: lee-pace.org
The Wood And Stone In This Montana Home
The Wood And Stone In This Montana Home – Source: eclecticlivinghome.wordpress.com
Le Touessrok Resort
Le Touessrok Resort – Source: pinterest.cl

3. Wooden Bathroom with Large Window

Usually susceptible to humidity. But this one wooden bathroom is overcome by making a window big enough so that the bathroom will always dry. And of course, it will make your bathroom more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with light coming in from outside.

Homes Of The Week With Spa
Homes Of The Week With Spa – Source: twitter.com
Minimal Wooden House Interior Design Inspiration
Minimal Interior Design Inspiration – Source: pinterest.ru

4. Wood Color Combination

The combination of brown and white wood really answers the wishes of those who want to have a minimalist home with wooden dominance. Try to create this combination in various corners of your wooden house such as the living room or bedroom. You will surely be surprised by the results.

Sebastopol Residence
Sebastopol Residence – Source: caandesign.com
Log Cabin Wooden House Inside
Log Cabin Wooden House Inside – Source: pinterest.ru
Cozy Interiors Of Wooden House
Cozy Interiors Of Wooden Houses – Source: yandex.com

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