10 Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For a Minimalist Home That You Should Try

For those of you who have a hobby of reading books, it is not easy to enter a bookstore without buying a number of recently published books or best seller books. It’s not unusual when you visit a friend’s house who is very fond of reading and finding dozens and even hundreds of books that are scattered everywhere. Most of these books are usually arranged on bookshelves so they look neater.

The bookshelves we usually see are usually square or rectangular and made of wood. Bookshelves like that look very boring and outdated. At present, the bookshelf design is no longer a boring square. Want to know the unique and attractive bookshelf design for a minimalist home?

This time we have summarized some unique and interesting bookshelves for a minimalist home that you can try at home. Let’s listen to it completely!

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10 Amazing Bookshelf Ideas For a Minimalist Home

1. Invisible bookshelf

This wall bookshelf is only made of bookmarks or commonly called elbows made of iron or metal elements that are attached to the wall. Can withstand a load of approximately 6.8 kilograms with a book height of 40 centimeters, you can save your favorite books while saving space with an imaginative sturdy wall bookshelf.

01 Invisible Bookshelf
Invisible bookshelf – source: boredpanda.com

2. Bookshelves from pipes provide an industrial feel

This bookshelf is suitable for you to try if you like the industrial design style. By utilizing the corner of the room as a place to store your book and use the pipe as a shelf. Give a unique and artistic impression of your home.

02 Bookshelves From Pipes Provide An Industrial Feel
Bookshelves from pipes provide an industrial feel – source: kriya.co.id

3. Typographic wall bookshelves

Wall bookshelves with simple writing or typography in arranging books that are already and will be read can also be your alternative choice in designing wall bookshelves. The design of a wall bookshelf can make you excited about reading your book!

03 Typographic Wall Bookshelves
Typographic wall bookshelves – source: boredpanda.com

4. ABC Design Minimalist Bookshelf

This minimalist bookshelf is unique because it has an alphabet letter design. This bookshelf consists of several modular boxes, with each modular design having letters that you can later order into certain sentences.

04 ABC Design Minimalist Bookshelf
ABC Design Minimalist Bookshelf – source: saporiti.net

5. Minimalist Tree-shaped Bookshelf

The existing furniture designs are very diverse and inspired by various things that are around us. This is evident from the design of this bookshelf that draws inspiration from the shapes of trees that you can find every day.

05 Minimalist Tree-shaped Bookshelf
Minimalist Tree-shaped Bookshelf – source: gearnova.com

6. Modern minimalist bookshelves

Who can resist the charm of this one bookshelf? the design is very beautiful and the shape that describes the impression of modern, will increasingly make your home more comfortable and you will be very excited in reading your book collection.


06 Modern Minimalist Bookshelves
Modern minimalist bookshelves – source: pinterest.com


7. Minimalist Staircase Bookshelf

Shelves in the form of stairs are becoming a trend that can be found anywhere. This bookshelf can be used as a place to store books, as well as to display various favorite trinkets.

07 Minimalist Staircase Bookshelf
Minimalist Staircase Bookshelf – source: decoist.com

8. Minimalist Bookshelf with Touch of Art

This one minimalist bookshelf looks beautiful with or without a book. You can use this shelf as a work of art in the living room, and of course, you can add a collection of favorite books to show anyone who comes to visit.

08 Minimalist Bookshelf With Touch Of Art
Minimalist Bookshelf with Touch of Art – source: decoist.com

9. Use space under the stairs

The area under the stairs is often left alone without being fully utilized. Even though the space under this staircase is wide enough for us to use as an area for storing goods or collection of our books. You can apply this idea if your home has a minimalist house with 2 floors.

09 Use Space Under The Stairs
Use space under the stairs – source: pinterest.com

10. Hanging wall bookshelves

This wall bookshelf will make your books fly by hanging them on oak wood. Augustav’s designer wall bookshelf is very effective in saving space. The making is very simple too. Oakwood is strung and hung, shaped like a hanger, then stick it to the wall so that the hanging wall bookshelf is ready to be used as a place where you will store your books.

10 Hanging Wall Bookshelves
Hanging wall bookshelves – source: pinterest.com
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